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When most people think of sports performance, they think of taking their bodies through the rigors of training for their particular sport. They think of high intensity, power, speed, muscle under tension, and stress on their joints. But, an often overlooked part of the body is the fascia. Fascia is the vast network of connective tissue that surrounds your bones, muscles, nerves, joints, and organs. Healthy fascia prevents many injuries and improves flexibility over time. 

Fascial Stretch Therapy is not traditional stretching. It is designed to help you achieve optimal strength, flexibility, performance, and pain relief. FST is a customized powerful regimen that is established by a certified therapist. Focused on creating space within the joint capsules through traction and circumduction, FST is the perfect balance for your sports performance.


At 1 Motion Sports and Rehabilitation we can customize a plan for you, so that you can keep performing at your highest level. Remember, the goal is to TRAIN, PERFORM, and RESTORE!

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"Do not fear failure but fear not trying."

-Roy T Bennett

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"Coach Mattair communicates very well with both the athletes and parents, and shows a genuine concern for each person that's on the table. He customizes each FST session based on the athletes needs. He doesn't just go through a set routine of stretches. As a parent that is an invaluable tool to have."


"Since starting FST I am able to jump easier on the court. I am able to mover around freely due to increased flexibility. In the past my shoulders were always sore, but since starting FST I am relieved of all soreness following the sessions."


"FST is allowing me to improve my flexibility and kick really hard in my underwaters. With the breast stroke kicking I am able to get my legs out and around due to being more flexible in the groin. I am currently 3 seconds faster in the 100 back now compared to this time last year.


"Since starting FST I feel faster, and lighter on my feet. I feel like I have a cleaner stride. In the weight room I am able to drop into a complete squat on my clean because my hips are opened up. I am able to lift more weight. I am more flexible and when you are more flexible you can move easier and everything is cleaner." 




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Lilburn, GA 30047

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